Booking conditions 1. Introduction These general conditions are an integral part of the contract stipulated with Sorrento Villas which is a trademark owned by Olga's Gestioni s.r.l. 2. Booking and signing of the contract 2.1 By making a reservation by e-mail or through the portal, you enter into a contract with Sorrento Villas. From that moment on, the rights and duties provided for in the contract (booking confirmation) and these conditions will take effect both for you and for Sorrento Villas You will receive the booking confirmation from the booking office. In case of electronic bookings, the booking confirmation will be sent by Sorrento Villas always electronically. 2.2 If there are any differences between the data shown on the booking confirmation and the information shown in the catalog, those shown on the booking confirmation will be considered valid. 2.3 If you do not receive any payment or a valid payment confirmation within the terms indicated on the booking confirmation, Sorrento Villas reserves the right to cancel the booking.2.4 Any special requests from the customer (for example: two apartments close to each other) must be confirmed in writing by Sorrento Villas 3. Services and prices 3.1.1 Unless otherwise specified, the published prices are intended as weekly prices for the rental of the entire accommodation in the period indicated in the price column. With the exception of what is stated in paragraph 3.5 ("Price changes"), the prices indicated on the booking confirmation are considered valid. In the event that in a structure there are more apartments with the same characteristics and prices, only one apartment with its price list will be indicated in the catalog. It is not certain that any special offers are valid for all apartments of the same type. 3.1.2 Unless otherwise indicated, the costs of linen, energy consumption, final cleaning and any tourist taxes are not included in the price and must be paid locally depending on use and / or per person. Any additional services requested by the customer (such as additional cleaning, additional change of linen, wood for the fireplace, etc.), must be paid locally. 3.1.3 The minimum stay is generally 7 nights (in high season) with arrival and departure on Saturday. Any exceptions must be confirmed in writing by the reservations office. 3.2 The information regarding services and infrastructures present in the locality (means of transport, shops, restaurants, sports facilities, public beaches, etc.) are provided to us by third parties, therefore it is possible that they are not constantly updated. Sorrento Villas is not responsible for any changes. In addition, problems may occur in the correct provision of services such as gas, water and electricity. In these cases and for adverse weather conditions, Sorrento Villas cannot be held responsible. 3.3 Terms of payment The booking amount must be paid in full to Sorrento Villas before the start of the stay, as follows: 30% of the amount must be paid as a deposit on the date of booking. The balance must be paid 40 days before arrival. In case of “under date” bookings, made less than 40 days from the date of arrival, only the payment of the balance will be required. In case of late payment, Sorrento Villas reserves the right to deny any service.You can cancel your booking in the following ways: - up to 40 days before the start of the lease: penalty of 30% on the stay fee; - from 39 days to 10 days before the start of the lease with a penalty of 80% on the stay fee; - from 9 days until the beginning of the lease with a penalty of 100% on the stay fee; Any cancellation must necessarily be communicated in writing to our reservations office and in advance by telephone. For the calculation of the above terms, the date of receipt of the notice of cancellation by the Sorrento Villas booking office is valid. The customer is also advised to take out supplementary travel insurance. 3.5 Price changes The descriptions relating to the apartments and the price lists are elaborated with care. Nevertheless, Sorrento Villas cannot completely exclude changes in services and / or prices. Any changes will be communicated to the customer at the time of booking or on the booking confirmation. It could be the case in which these changes occur after the conclusion of the contract. If it concerns changes on essential points of the contract or if the price were to increase by more than 10%, you have the possibility to request the revocation, free of charge, within five days. In this case, payments already made will be refunded as soon as possible. Up to 22 days before the start of the stay, the rental price may be subject to changes due to the following reasons: fluctuation in exchange rates, increase or introduction of new taxes on certain services.3.6 Modification of the services, substitute lease and cancellation of the contract by Sorrento Villas Sorrento Villas has the right to withdraw from the contract before the rental period or during this period if unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances prevent the delivery of the rented object, endanger the client or the owner and / or compromise the provision of the service at a point such as to make it impossible to execute the contract. Alternatively, in case of communication by Sorrento Villas before the start of the stay, the customer has the right to demand the provision of an equivalent object within 10 days (always if Sorrento Villas is able to offer price a similar item among those included in your offer). Sorrento Villas is not required to pay compensation in any of the cases mentioned in point 3.6. 4. Departures, arrivals and shorter stays or extensions of stay After making the payment of the full amount, and at the earliest 4 weeks before departure, you will receive the travel documents that you must hand over to the keyholder upon arrival. Key collection will not necessarily take place at the holiday home or in the locality where it is located. The expected arrival and departure times are indicated on the travel documents. Generally, arrival is expected between 4 pm and 10 pm and departure by 10 am. If you cannot respect the times indicated, you must promptly contact the key manager at the number shown on the travel documents who, at his discretion, may make a new appointment. In the event that he is unable to occupy the apartment from the day or from the scheduled time due to problems occurring during the trip, traffic, strikes, or for personal reasons, no refund is provided. The same rule applies in case of early departures. To extend a stay, it is sufficient to agree in good time with your booking office. During the high season there may be longer waiting times for the delivery of the keys5. Employment capacity The occupation of the apartment is limited to the number of people mentioned on the contract (including children and babies). The key holder may deny entry to excess persons, even children, or proceed with the immediate collection of the keys during the stay. 6. Obligations of the tenant 6.1 Security deposit Upon delivery of the keys, a security deposit must be paid. The amount of the deposit and the method of payment (cash) are indicated on the travel documents. If this payment is not paid, the delivery of the keys is not guaranteed. 6.2 Behavior The tenant undertakes to occupy the accommodation diligently, respecting all the rules of good neighborliness. 6.3 Cleaning the kitchen Cleaning of kitchen equipment, crockery and cutlery is the responsibility of the tenant (and is not included in the final cleaning). 6.4 Liability in case of damage Any damage caused by the tenant or other occupants must be immediately reported to the key holder. The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by himself or by the other occupants. The same applies if the accommodation cannot be handed over to the next tenant. The cost of the damage can be deducted from the security deposit (point 6.1). 7. Complaints and Refund Requests If upon arrival or during your stay you find damage to the accommodation or substantial differences from what is indicated on the booking confirmation, we recommend that you report the problem immediately to the keyholder. If this person is not able to solve the problem in a short time, you will be required to contact Sorrento Villas at +39 0818081035. In case of failure to notify promptly upon arrival or during the stay, the holiday home will be considered exempt. from any problem.External factors such as adverse weather conditions, the presence of stray dogs and insects or the state of public roads are not eligible for the refund request. In any case, the person responsible for the keys and the persons in charge of welcoming customers are not responsible for establishing any refunds and issuing legally binding declarations. Any complaint relating to issues that cannot be resolved on site or through the Sorrento Villas telephone customer service must be notified in writing to the booking office within 4 weeks of the end of stay, together with any documentation support (photographs, statements from the keyholder or local office, etc.). Complaints regarding cleaning must be communicated within 24 hours of arrival. Failure to comply with all the aforementioned procedures will result in the loss of the right to seek compensation. 8. Responsibilities attributable to Sorrento Villas The legal liability related to damages other than those to persons (for example, material and financial damage) is limited to the price of the stay (plus the claims of all the people involved). In the event that international agreements or national laws that further limit or exclude liability are applicable to the services of Sorrento Villas, these agreements and laws will prevail. Sorrento Villasnon is to be held responsible in the following cases: - omissions by the tenant and / or other occupants; - negligence or omissions on the part of third parties; - causes of force majeure or events that neither Sorrento Villasné its support staff (eg: the keyholder), can foresee despite their diligence; - the use of swimming pools, playgrounds, sports facilities of all kinds. The use of these facilities is at your own risk. - damage and loss due to burglary; - public access roads that could cause damage or injury to things or people; The non-contractual liability of these provisions applies in a similar way. Liability for support personnel is explicitly excluded. 9. Prescription Claims for damages must be sent to Sorrento Villas within 4 months. The limitation period begins to run from the day following the end of the rental period. 11. Jurisdiction The relationship between the client and Sorrento Villas is governed by Italian law. For any dispute related to this contract, the Court of Naples will be exclusively competent.